Saturday, 28 June 2014

28th June 2014

Greed / Avarice - call it what you will! The image above depicts the site of a proposed "housing development" on Ashlawn Road, Rugby, between Ashlawn School and the St Andrews sports fields. The proposal is for c80 houses! WTF? Thousands of houses are planned for the brownfield site of the Rugby radio masts so we hardly need to build on green fields or farmland. Green fields and woodland seem to be a source of irritation to the government and councils. Build on them is the cry! I even heard one "t**t" suggest that mature woodland could be moved ??? and wildlife could and would move along the road! What planet are these people on? Developers are only interested in money and landowners are willing to sell without thought. Destroy the natural habitats and farmland and see our lives and our children's lives changed forever.

Houses OR..........

These images have been taken in the vicinity of the proposed development. OPPOSE this stupidity!

Monday, 23 June 2014

22nd June 2014 - Foxton Locks Festival

My photographic stall was located in the craft area of the Foxton Locks Festival, manned solo by myself on the Saturday but joined by Heather and Symphony on the Sunday. This was the first time that Symphony has attended such an event and even in the heat and many visitors, she was excellently behaved! I think, due to the heat, we were all flagging!

I don't think Symphony knew what to make of the various animals on show - alpacas, horses, owls. various pets and parrots! She was definitely not impressed with the "smelly" steam engines especially when they sounded their whistles! Symphony is still very wary of "little humans" but could be won over with a tummy tickle! She coped well with the crowds!

I'm a good girl!

Tawny Owl

Barn Owl

Melanistic Barn Owl

And of course, the vociferous parrots!

Friday, 20 June 2014

20th June 2014



A dull but humid walk this morning saw the emergence of Thistle flower heads. Regarded as weeds by many, but they add nice colour to the local grasslands.

The new Jubilee Woodland is now beginning to show above the grassland!

Natures Bouquet

The peacock Butterfly Caterpillars

Natural Art

Thursday, 19 June 2014

19th June 2014

I do not do hot! So this morning was greeted with satisfaction with cooler temperatures albeit with less sunshine. Symphony needed some forceful encouragement to embark on a longer walk, just in case the oppressive temperatures return later!

Evidence of a Beast!

The "arty farty" image! Hole in rotten tree trunk!

Oak Leaves


The Peacock Caterpillars