Saturday, 31 January 2015

Dramatic Skies?

After a very cold and dreary day with sleety rain, our last walk of the day produced a dramatic sky line over the Burner.

A Dreary Start!

A fine balance!

Another light fall of snow in the dark hours but turning to sleety rain as we commenced our walk this morning. It wasn't really getting light so we concentrated along the Ashlawn Road. Stopping to look down into the Ashlawn cutting, Symphony did her best to look over the parapet but even her size left her disappointed, being about a foot short! She loves to look over walls!

Ashlawn Cutting (What Symphony missed)

Approaching "Checkpoint Charcoal"!

It must be Saturday morning as you can actually cross Ashlawn Road c0800hrs!

Friday, 30 January 2015

Caution! Blue Images!

Caution! Blue Images! Well, that's what happens when you go out early on snowy mornings at first light! So, too reality:

PANIC! Close the schools, cancel the trains and planes, reroute the buses, panic buy at the supermarkets, turn roads into slippery car parks! WHY? We've had some snow!

Last Goal?

Waiting for the next fall?

Ridgeway Farm

For Sale or Rent - vacant possession, ideal for first time nesting, some modernisation required, available Spring 2015!

Time to make tracks?

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Calm Before A Storm?

A late afternoon walk under mixed and threatening skies saw Symphony Ginger Beast "enjoying" the remnants of the days light snowfall. The skies were threatening more snow, but as the sun went down, periods of late sunshine teased us. We did however, catch a light snow shower on our way home which gave Symphony the opportunity to try and catch the flakes. Good game!

He's got that camera out again!

Calm Before A Storm?

Friday, 23 January 2015

.....On a Cold and Frosty Morning......!

This morning was one of those "special" mornings with a hard ground frost and a magnificent sunrise. The frost had frozen the muddy paths in the lower set aside fields below St Andrews sports fields an gave a different aspect as the sun rose above Barby Hill.

Here Comes the Sun!

Almost a "synapse"!

Natural Light?