Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The Last Sunset...........

Of 2014!

I really wanted to capture the last sunset of 2014 but the clouds came in quick and thick about 1500hrs putting anything spectacular in doubt. I was lucky! For about five minutes the sun presented itself to me enabling a succession of sunrise and sunset on the last day of 2014! I've no doubt many of you will be celebrating at midnight, me? no, I'll be in bed by 2200hrs!

The Last Sunset of 2014

The Last Dawn.......

Of 2014!

Yet another heavy frost greeted us this morning providing pleasure in the natural world around us, and, of course, allowing us access to the fields which in milder conditions are caked in mud! This will be the last ever dawn of 2014!

The Last Dawn!

Ashlawn Cutting

A Bitter End! Someone has removed the plaque commemorating the Queens Jubilee Woodland. Why would you do this?

Monday, 29 December 2014

On a Cold and Frosty Morning!

Please NO! Not more images.......!

A very heavy frost greeted us this morning! It's also market day, so at 0700 we were setting up our stall on Rugby Market, meaning a later than normal dog walk! The fields were hard and crisp and the mud was frozen, so a longer walk was called for, through the set aside fields and along the Ashlawn Cutting. This also meant slightly different views of the sunrise and a glimpse of natures frozen wonders. I hope you enjoy!


Natures Frozen Wonders!