Thursday, 24 November 2016

Sewerby Hall Grounds

Good Girls!

As the weather was good, we decided to have a walk around the grounds of Sewerby Hall where I hoped to manage a few late Autumn images. Symphony enjoyed the new "smells" and did her best to catch the many squirrels, handicapped by being on her lead!


Autumn Back Drop

Winter Rookery

Fungi (although I thought rather staid!)

With fairy steps?

Oh Deer!

Bridlington Bay

Who could possibly live here?

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Bridlington Harbour

Today is market day in Bridlington and between setting up our greetings card stall, Symphony is taken for several "around the harbour" walks. Arriving before first light and at high tide also provides interesting photographic opportunities, which I am happy to take! It also allows for experimentation with "arty farty" shots!

This is my "arty farty" image!

As the sun rises!

With the tide being high, wading birds seek refuge on the sea walls, including these Purple Sandpipers.