Saturday, 28 November 2015


Today we ventured into the town of Beverley, mainly for Heather to visit the Christmas Festival of Food and Drink in the Minster. Symphony has never been keen on crowds so it is good to prepare her so that she is less anxious. Today certainly fitted that bill - for a small town, Beverley was packed! Everyone was pleasant, there were no public order issues, basically it was everything that Rugby was twenty years ago.

Look who we met outside the Minster

Photographing the press photographer photographing Santa!

We decided to brave the cold and sat outside M&S and had a coffee and savoury. When I looked up, I didn't expect to see this attractive painting hanging on the wall opposite. Not exactly the weather for such exposure!!!

Just loving the traditional East Riding Phone Box colour!

Something Rugby lacks - CROWDS!

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Reighton Sands and Filey Brigg

Our move to Yorkshire is all about wide open spaces, massive beaches, blue skies and breezes sufficient to blow away the cobwebs! Today just about ticked all the boxes as we enjoyed the fantastic beach at Reighton Sands followed by a rather "breezy" Filey Brigg - made even better by free parking in the country park until March 2016! Symphony is beginning to enjoy the sea, although her expressions are a delight to see - especially the taste and smell of sea water!

Symphony on Reighton Sands

Reighton Sands

The tide comes in!

My wishes for an island comes true!

Shadows on a deserted beach!

Shadows on a deserted beach!

A window of opportunity?

A window of opportunity?

Signing my death warrant!

Filey Brigg - a special place!

Monday, 23 November 2015

Around Bempton

This is my new home!

A much better morning dawned in Bempton today - especially after yesterdays storm when we were walking on Hoddy Cows Lane! We were soaked, cold and very muddy!  This morning we walked around the village discovering interesting little corners. Interestingly, the image on the Bempton sign is a horse drawn plough - Symphony does a good impression with me being the horse and she being the plough!

Interesting gate!

Jaw Bones Corner

Dawn Breaks over Bempton Village

I love these Bikes!

Locating the "Dead Centre" of Bempton!

Friday, 20 November 2015


The majestic Grand Hotel

I never thought we would be walking on Scarborough beach under blue skies and sunshine in the middle of November! Yet we were and a thoroughly enjoyable day was had! We managed to get Symphony into the shallows, but she was still scared when the waves chased her! I don't think the taste and smell of sea water was appreciated either!

Where are the crowds?

Where are the crowds?

Catching Heather by surprise!

I'm a good girl!

Good job I had my watch!

The Harbour

Never a policeman around!

Thursday, 19 November 2015


North Beach, Bridlington

This morning's weather was bright, calm and mild so we decided to explore the dog friendly beaches and harbour in Bridlington. Our next exploration will be to seek out free parking areas in the town! Symphony, due to being in a new environment was kept on her long lead, just to be safe. I'm sure she thought the sea was scary - it smelled and tasted abnormal and it chased her! I'm sure she'll get to like it. Our next stop was the harbour with lots more interesting smells to explore!

The "Scary" Sea!


Meeting some of the locals!

Bridlington Harbour

One of the locals, Bridlington Harbour

Bridlington Harbour

Bridlington Harbour