Saturday, 23 July 2016

Stalking Pigeons!

Symphony's friend Marty (back in Rugby) has a lot to answer for! He has taught her the art of bird stalking and now Symphony is trying to master the art! She now spends a lot of time in the garden trying to be inconspicuous but fails miserably!

But I'm a good girl really!

Monday, 4 July 2016

Bridlington North Side this Morning

A good run for Symphony (Ginger Beast) on Brid North Side this morning allowed her to partake of her favourite occupation, that of sitting in the tidal pools! She does not like the sea - it smells, tastes funny, is noisy and chases her! Today, it was good fun to run into the pools with her ball, leave it floating in deepish water and refusing to fetch it, resulting in her hoomans getting wet feet! It was a lovely sunny start to the day, blue skies and very warm, just how seaside life should be!

Symphony (Ginger Beast)

This Coastal Life!

Patterns in a pool

Patterns in a pool

A "run off" estuary!

Flamborough Headland