Sunday, 3 May 2015


Symphony (Ginger Beast)

Well, after a very mild but also very wet start to the day, during which attempts to get Symphony up the road failed, brightness ensued - and we were off! The St Andrews Fields were hosting a dog show and I thought Symphony would enjoy meeting new dogs. How wrong could I be? We entered and started to walk amongst the many cars, vans, campers, caravans and tents with dogs everywhere, some of which were howling and barking from hidden confines. This spooked Symphony and "wuss" mode took over and I was dragged towards the exit! The event was an obedience. show with well behaved dogs! This is the paradox with Symphony being the most disobedient dog on the field! Do they do competitions for the most disobedient dogs? Interesting car registration marks with: WUF; K9; GSD; W***LF; DOG; and many more featuring dog themes!

The (obedient) Dog Show

Interesting Signage

On the "natural" side:

Oak Galls

Sensible Cows! (One of which has been out in the sun and rain for too long!)

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