Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Didn't we have a lovely time the day we went to........"Sunny Hunny"! - 29th July 2014

Abigail with Symphony

It had been decided a few weeks ago to have a family day out at the seaside and this morning we set off for Hunstanton (Sunny Hunny!), and this is where the dog walk is presented from today. Symphony is getting a bit braver with the sea and went as far as to paddle! Normally, she's not too keen as the waves chase her, its noisy, it tastes funny and smells! So good weather and a good long walk.

Not my preferred view of the Norfolk Coast but hey ho!

Abigail and Heather don't normally get to feature on the dog walk, so.....

Symphony seems to be having fun!

Stranded on the beach - Jelly Fish!

Below the cliffs is the wreck of the fishing vessel Sheraton


  1. Great stuff Kevin, do you never go to the East Coast, Cleethorpes, Gibralter, Rimac or Donna Nook? Just a thought.

  2. Hi Bernard and thank you for your kind comments. I do visit Frampton Marsh near Boston and I have visited Gib Point (when the family stayed at Skegness). It is an area I need to visit again!