Friday, 4 July 2014

4th July 2014

The Grassland

Before getting started on this mornings ramblings, I thought I would post information regarding the proposed development on Ashlawn Road. Information presented at last nights presentation can be found:

Ashlawn Road Development

When its gone ITS GONE! Years ago, I remember reading in a comic a character found two desirable pies in the cupboard but was told not to eat them. Being an enterprising young man and desperate to eat a pie, he decided to place a mirror in the cupboard, allowing him to eat a pie but also showing that two pies were still present! Greed, however, overtook him and forgetting that only one pie remained with the other pie was a mirror image, he ate the second pie. Now the cupboard was bare and the character was in deep "do do"! A bit like building on green fields really!

The Grassland

A Moment of brightness!

An "Intimate" Moment



Wild Strawberries

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