Sunday, 4 May 2014

The Dog Show Comes to Town!

How dare they come onto "MY" field! This weekend, the St Andrews fields hosts an annual dog show, with, obviously, many dogs plus various forms of accommodation, rings and entertainment. Symphony was not amused!

It was another great morning, with blue skies and sunshine and promising to be a really great day.
Once down on the set aside fields, things were calmer and quieter, allowing us to get on with our walk and peruse the surroundings. I do not normally use by little Olympus SP-820UZ camera on birds unless stabilised, but this morning I had a go with a couple of Yellowhammers that caught my eye. Not brilliant, but I'm pleased!

Yellowhammer in the dew

Good camouflage!

Through the hedge!

I found this rather interesting growth and couldn't help but wonder if this was natures way of encouraging us to check our testicles!

Along the Great Central Walk, my thoughts drifted to Procol Harums 1967 hit song "A Whiter Shade of Pale"

Later on the walk, my thoughts were drawn to sayings, and in particular, one they I do not agree with! " Blue and green should never be seen unless a colour is in between" (various versions).

And finally, at the top of the bank on the Great Central Walk, I found this little arch!

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